Our Code Of Business Ethics 

What is most important to us, is to emulate our uniqueness in the Media Entertainment Industry. We understand that we are in a business that caters to ‘people’. With that being said,  it is by virtue of our substantial business relationships with our  Braven family, that we will remain notable. We are committed to remaining steadfast to our three “core values”:

Our Team– Paying attention to their well-being and development, offering challenging objectives and fair rewards will always be top priority.  We understand that with a powerful collaborative team, who takes the time to understand what draws our audience will lead us to inevitable success.

Our Integrity– Keeping a commendable reputation is critical to obtaining and sustaining our audience, investors and team members. Trust and honesty are essential and we simply just  want to “Do The Right Thing”.

Our Relationships–  Establishing and maintaining healthy business relationships fuel the success of our brand and we are devoted to developing amicable alliances whilst maintaining a level of mutual respect.