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Kisha Shawn Johnson – Braven Media

Kisha Shawn Johnson




Have you ever risked everything in hopes of pursuing your dreams? Kisha Shawn Johnson took the risk that would change her life forever. She decided to pack up her belongings and her five year old son and move over 1600 miles away from everything she has ever known. She took that leap of faith and reached for the stars.

KSJ is an American entrepreneur born and raised on the North side of Houston, TX.  She worked as an accountant clerk but always knew that life had more to offer her.  In 2004 she was stopped by a local photographer asking to shoot her for a popular calendar, she accepted. From that moment on she knew whatever she did in life, it had to involve a camera. Being the oldest of three brothers and five sisters, she realized early on that her interests were different from those of her siblings. She always had a passion for all things fashion and entertainment, music being her first love and then modeling.  “I’ve always had a connection with music, it has helped me through some of the most darkest moments in my life. Music is the universal cure”,  says Johnson.


In 2008 she created The Stallion Empire, a Media, Modeling, and Promotions agency. After working several years to establish the company with no official breakthrough, Johnson realized that it was time to make some changes. “I asked myself, why not create something that would combine all of my passions.  Why not create a platform that will help discover new talent”, she said!


In winter of 2011 Johnson decided to leave her hometown and relocate to New York, New York to pursue her dreams of becoming a self-made woman. One year later she introduced Traphic Magazine, a publication that would serve as a platform for emerging artists in Fashion and Entertainment. After four tedious years of striving to perfect the publication Johnson decided to step back and take a break. “I got fed-up with the inconsistency, Johnson says. I saw the vision so clear but consistent execution was my biggest hurdle.” After taking a year hiatus to “figure it out” she has since redefined her entire business structure. Johnson launched Braven Media Entertainment Group in 2016 now making Traphic Magazine it’s own division of the Digital Media Conglomerate (DMC) . This is just the beginning for the rising Media Mogul. Kisha Shawn Johnson firmly believes that anything is possible and that you will never witness your fullest potential unless you’re willing to take risks. “You have to trust yourself,  you know more than you think you know”, says Johnson.

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