Do you wish that you could pick the brain of a successful entrepreneur or brand builder? Have you questioned how they did it, or what motivates them to push through adversity?  Or, what about learning their method to sustaining healthy relationships with friends and family all while running a business? Well, grab your pin and pad because “class is in session”!

BO$$ Academy takes you inside the mind of today’s most successful men and women in business who have turned nothing into something. They are relentless and fearless sharks who have mastered the art of ‘making money make money”. 

If you or someone you know is a self-made success and would like to help us in encouraging the importance of becoming your own BO$$, email us below.

*Disclaimer: We have not conducted an interview with Kandi Burrass. If you are interested in knowing how Kandi has built her multi-million dollar brand just as much as we are, share this post and tag Kandi, lets get her on the show. Thanks in advance!