It’s no secret that women and men speak an entirely different language, (a language that has not yet been discovered). Women are complex and men are direct, period! In a relationship, half of the time we just don’t “get each other”. But, does that mean that two people are incapable of achieving lasting love? What is love anyway? What does it “really” mean when a guy says I miss you, but rarely goes out of his way to see you? She says that she’s fine but her body language speaks differently, what is she “really” thinking? Well, let us help you get a little clarity on what goes on in the brain of the opposite sex.

“Men, Women and Relationships” is a talk session that includes open dialogue from every perspective and every stage of relationships. Some do it the old school way and some are definitely with the new millennium get-down. Watch as they share different approaches of handling the many issues and scenarios of love and dating in todays time.

We are looking for couples, singles and relationship experts to share their views on why the other sex does what they do and what it really means. If you or someone you may know are interested in being on the show, please email us below.